Our Green Credentials Just Got Greener!

Our Green Credentials Just Got Greener!

Not only were Burland awarded a Green Apple Award last year for our energy saving product designs and commitment to the low environmental impact of our business, but we have taken things a step further!

In the final weeks running up to the Christmas break, we had a 30kW Solar Voltaic generation system installed on our roof by Sustain Services of Bury St Edmunds. In January, we started work to rectify the appalling insulation levels in our premises. This has had a huge impact on our comfort and reduced electricity consumption. On top of all that, all our fluorescent light fittings throughout the whole building have needed to be replaced with super-efficient LED fittings. The difference is staggering to the amount of light, the quality of light and to the energy consumption.

So we like to think there are a lot of things we do well here at Burland, but if our green credentials are of interest to you or your business, here are just a few of the policies and systems we adopt:-

All parcels contain minimum air to reduce parcel size
All packaging is re-used wherever the condition allows (45% re-used boxes)
All company vehicles from lowest VDE ratings
Latest generation LED lighting throughout
30kW Solar installation provides net negative energy consumption
Localised sourcing of products and services wherever possible
All recyclable waste is sorted and collected. High value waste (Cu, AL) taken to specialist recyclers (for cash!)

If you would like any further details of the above or indeed anything to do with Burland Technology or our products, please get in touch.