End Q1 Newsletter 2017

End Q1 Newsletter 2017
Life has been charging along at a pace this year! Whilst the phones are strangely quiet, rather like the duck legs underwater, there is huge activity going on behind the scenes. Sales are up 20% year on year, exports are up 25% and the future is looking bright!
I visited [too many] trade shows in January and February looking for relevant market trends but sadly have nothing major to report other than some great new product launches from our German partners, A H Meyer. Please take time to visit their web site to check out the Netbox Pearl, Slim and Smart. Three new beautifully styled desk top boxes. I am also delighted to announce that finally Meyers have produced both the Spot and Point with fully integrated USB chargers!
The development and roll out of wireless charging has been slower than many would hope, largely due to the high costs involved as well as concerns over hygiene and vandalism in the hospitality industry. Burland are now the UK and Ireland exclusive partners with Spanish company MiniBatt. The MiniBatt Qi wireless charging devices are up to 4 times more powerful than other models on the market, can be blind fixed from the underside of a work surface, exposing nothing to the user or food waste and finally, are less than half the cost of market leaders. The wireless charging revolution is about to kick off! Oh yes, and apple have finally agreed to adapt the Q1 standard!
On the staff front, we are delighted to welcome Ginny Kacinaite as our new sales manager for London. Ginny, with an MSc from Aberdeen University joins us after 5 years in sales in the oil and gas sector. Hopefully she will get round to visiting you all soon.
Our website has been updated. Please take a look around and share your opinions.
I hope that by the next quarter’s newsletter I will be able to spill the beans on an extremely exciting development. At time of writing I am under strict NDA clauses!


Ginny Kacinaite, Sales Manager
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Best wishes from the whole team at Burland!
Richard Vass
(Managing Director)