Burland Technology innovate and supply Power/Data/AV distribution systems across the whole connectivity chain. Our systems include Power Floor ™ under floor track, Gazelle™ and Springbok™ floor boxes, access grommets, under desk, above desk and in desk power as well as basic and intelligent data centre power solutions. In addition we have designed and fabricated scores of custom product to overcome specific connectivity challenges.

Burland, whilst based in Suffolk have operated for many years on a global basis. This global footprint allows us to effectively offer standardised solutions to multi-national clients with whom we have dealt for many years. Our internationally patented innovations reinforce our export credentials.

Whilst we have comprehensive product ranges across a wide spectrum, much of our sales activity is done on a consultative basis. We are able to get involved with full scheme design or simply the supply of commodity items.

We assist designers, end users, M&E consultants and contractors to deliver best practice ensuring end users can benefit from the latest innovative and proven methodologies.

At Burland Technology we take a serious and dedicated approach to reducing the global carbon footprint of our industry. This encompasses both our approach to product design and our business practices. We are passionate about promoting and work-in-line with the principles of the Circular Economy. This enables us and our clients to reduce our impact on the environment. Our operations are carbon neutral due to self generation and the use of electric vehicles.

In 2020, Burland Technology set up a new ‘Workplace Hygiene’ division to provide solutions to assist in getting people safely back to work during the COVID pandemic, as well as researching solutions for workplace safety and hygiene for the future.

Burland support the Suffolk Foundation helping to change the lives of our community. We are also founder members of the Slave Free Alliance to prevent modern day slavery in global supply chains.



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