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This American Bank with a global presence worked with Burland to produce bespoke electrical power distribution systems for their offices throughout South East Asia.

All buildings had two separate power supplies, one fully maintained with UPS and genset apparatus, the other raw power. The client needed colour coding to identify each supply and needed to ensure that they could control what equipment was plugged into the supplies. Other issues were that the client wanted a universal solution that could be used in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and India among many other Asian countries.


The mission critical nature of the work meant that the accidental disconnections  caused by some poorly designed power sockets was an unacceptable risk. The Burland Solution satisfied all the needs for a compact product, internationally recognised outlets with colour coding and eliminated the risk of users connecting unauthorised equipment.

Burland used our locking C13 power outlet, which not only securely locks the plugs into position, but only allows IT equipment to be plugged in. The C13 has a very small footprint, is internationally certified and is patented worldwide.

Burland are still involved in the continual roll-out of this standard for this major bank.

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