CDW ‘Unlocked’

28th June, 2021

The annual Clerkenwell Design Week has been replaced this year by a scaled down event called Clerkenwell Unlocked. This event is broadly along the same lines as the regular Design Week show but far smaller to follow the current COVID19 guidelines.

Burland Technology Solutions will be taking part in the ‘Unlocked’ event and are pleased to invite you and your colleagues to visit the showroom at The Old Trading House in Northburgh Street where we share the facility with Buronomic, OB&B and Meavo. The dates are 6th, 7th and 8th of July and if you click the link and register there is a handy diary to plan your visit.

Each morning, we will be presenting the Hyperion – Anti-viral light solution, and during the day we will be on hand to show you some of our latest electrical products and new Morph monitor arm. 

You will also be able to enter our special draw to win an amazing prize worth £10k! Please use the following link to register and book your visit to Burland Technology, we look forward to seeing you next week.

P.S.  Fancy a G&T? Tuesday afternoon is a special Gin and Sax event hosted by Buronomic which will provide a relaxed backdrop for a chat…

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