These collaborations led to a merger with Aphel, leaders in the field of data centre and telecoms power products. The combined entity, Aphel Technologies, despite the terrible set backs created by the 9/11 disaster, went on the dominate the UK market for DC power, selling through the main enclosure manufacturers at the time, including; Rittal, APW, Prism, Schroff, Wright Line, U systems to name a few. 2007 saw the acquisition of Aphel Technologies by the Eaton Corporation. At this time, Burland was operating as a brand of Aphel Technologies, but shortly after the sale, Richard Vass, with the blessing of Eaton, re-established the brand as a trading entity, Burland Technology Solutions. Our mission was to re-establish ourselves as the “go to” operation within the office projects market. This area had suffered in the aftermath of 9/11 and whilst much development and effort was focused on the DC market. From the outset, Burland has experienced continued growth, based upon organically increasing market share, developing new products, actively seeking overseas opportunity and signing strategic alliances with a small number of specialist suppliers such as A H Meyer and Minibatt. Burland is wholly owned and managed by the Vass family with close and unwavering support from a great team of staff based in our Suffolk HQ.

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