New International Partnerships

11th January, 2022

Burland Technology Announces New International Partnerships

Burland Technology Solutions (BTS) incorporating Electropatent International (EI) is pleased to announce the Agreement made with EKA Group, headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus to represent BTS in several regions.

EKA Group has offices in Cyprus, Greece, UAE and Qatar, and will exclusively offer Burland and Electropatent products in all their markets.

EKA Group Managing Director Costas Harakis commented, “We have had a long-standing relationship with Electropatent, from the days when founder John Newman was alive. Our engineers have an in-depth understanding of the very high-quality products available for intelligent building design. Today, more than ever, with the need to reduce waste and carbon footprint, means the portfolio of superbly engineered products, many with 30-year warranties, have never been more relevant to the market.” He continued, “We are delighted that the business still continues and is in the excellent hands of BTS and its founder Richard Vass. The ethos of Richard reflects that of John, to quote John from years back, The bitterness of using low quality lasts long after the sweetness of low price.””

EKA Chairman and CEO Michael Liozides stated, “We are in a great position to serve existing clients in our regions and turbo boost our power chain product offerings, especially in the office sector, with all the additional products brought to us by Burland.”

Richard Vass, founder and Managing Director of Burland is delighted with this new development and looks forward to providing comprehensive and hands-on support to the EKA engineers in all their markets. He remarked, “The ever-increasing volume of enquiries we receive from the Middle East and North Africa, particularly for our track and custom floor boxes, meant we were not able to do justice to these opportunities. Having in field engineers through EKA Group in all these growing markets will enable us to take full advantage of these opportunities and provide unparalleled client service levels.”


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