Power Designed Offices

Cabling, and power management logistics are all too often left until the last minute when it comes to office development, but their complicated yet essential nature means they need to be incorporated into designs from the start.

Offices can be populated by hundreds of people at any given time, and poor cable management or inadequate power provision can lead to decreased productivity. We also understand that aesthetics, as well as health and safety, are vital factors when it comes to power distribution solutions. All of our products are carefully selected to be fit for purpose and as far as possible, out of sight except where user access is desirable.

Dealing rooms and command and control centres are a specialty and have totally different nuances from standard offices. Many of the considerations taken into account have more in common with data centre requirements than standard offices. We understand this and can provide solutions to satisfy these mission critical applications.

Burland Team Expansion

Order from left to right. Natasha Fossey Sales Admin, Marco Palmieri Internal Sales Advisor, Stacey Marston Sales Manager, Adrian Marston Sales Director, Liam Donaghy Sales Manager, Richard Vass Burland Managing Director, James Vowles Pre Contracts Manager. Image copyright – Burland Technology Solutions Limited. Burland Technology Solutions winners of the Queens Award in 2016 for Export
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December Newsletter

Season’s Greetings to all our clients wherever you are in the world! 2018 Has been a very busy and often challenging year at Burland. The integration of the Electropatent business, including the relocation of all production to Port Talbot in Wales, took longer and was more painful than expected. I am pleased to report however
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