A&H Meyer Netbox power products

The AH Meyer Netbox power products are modular, customisable table top units which can distribute power, data and AV.
The Netbox units come in a range of styles and can all be customised to your exact specification. Built to supply any desk, meeting room or public/shared spaces with electrical and are widely used in every industry from schools & universities to hospitals and even restaurants.
Every Netbox is made to order in Germany – These are the most reliable and stylish offerings available on the market.

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  • NETBOX_Pearl_2022

    Netbox Pearl

  • AC_2sch_rj45_2usb_eing_1670-e1435833928694-600x400

    Netbox Axial

  • DSC_1868-e1435832579123

    Netbox Point

  • Global_2xSch_VGA_DVI_2xRJ45nex_3342-e1434710437177-800x400

    NETBOX Global

  • 1630_300_225 line

    Netbox Line

  • TC_Arbeitsumgebung_2617-e1435834951808-600x400

    Netbox Turn & Comfort

  • NETBOX_Focus_3253-e1434712016711-800x400

    Netbox Focus

  • NETBOX-Move-3-units-e1446120145580-600x400

    Netbox Move

  • cms-img_0_142334e36a3930a9a29ad24aa3176c26_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Turn

  • cms-img_0_59b7e05beacf2e9fc7ddaa8b7ba024ef_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Axial Comfort

  • cms-img_0_6755df663471b5bd2d079a4dfb3e3618_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Wave

  • cms-img_0_f003bd81c183247e4fe1e2a6f36c354f_569x427-569x400

    Netbox PB-C

  • cms-img_0_d8598e5690ee2c8125b12fe09e7762b3_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Fin

  • cms-img_0_f14d2f4936ce1ca0a1cccfea679ef093_569x427-569x400

    Netbox M

  • cms-img_0_df23536d9251d2f61dae5253f4c51c9a_569x427-569x400

    Netbox PB (Profilebox)

  • cms-img_0_84dd33d331f00dcfcf48d9840fbb1045_569x427-569x400

    Netbox MEB

  • cms-img_0_069bfb28b85d2d1494513d99d3f7407e_569x427-569x400-2

    Netbox Combi

  • cms-img_0_14e35458048ce39d3d81fc2c9cef10a2_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Compact