IEC - Locking Sockets and Cables

C13 and C19 locking connectors, providing a secure power connection in pdu’s and servers. IEC locking sockets are simple device that 100% guarantees that the accidental disconnection of power is no longer possible.

Burland have designed a worldwide patented locking device, minimising the risk of downtime or data loss in hospitals, stock trading floors and any mission critical environment. A full range of complimentary C13-C14 cables are available with the same locking device allowing security at the PDU and the Server end giving the ultimate reliability required in mission critical environments.

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  • C13

    IEC C13 Locking Socket

  • C19

    IEC C19 Locking Socket

  • IEC_Lock_allcolours

    IEC Locking Cables

  • Rewireable C13 (1)

    IEC Rewireable C13