Mini Batt - Wireless Charging

The latest in wireless charging technology.

Charge your phone as you place it on any surface, keeping you in touch with the ability to charge wirelessly. No more cables or hunting for a charger. Uniquely, the MiniBatt products allow invisible fixing, essential in the hospitality sector for hygiene purposes as well as security. We offer a comprehensive range of wireless charging technology suitable for the office, restaurants and retail environments.

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  • pack-PowerRING

    Mini Batt Power Ring – Wireless Charging

  • Kit miniBatt M1_iPhone

    Mini Batt Pack M1 + Powercase

  • miniBatt M1_PowerCase

    Mini Batt Power Case, I Phone compatible

  • fi80_header500x500

    Mini Batt Fi80 – Superfast Wireless Charging

  • fi60_1_500x500

    Mini Batt Fi60 – Wireless Charging