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Burland technology can supply power distribution from the slab to the desk top. See our full range of Electropatent Powerfloor bus bar track, tap offs, grommets and floor boxes. In furniture, we have Electropatent desk bars, DB2000 and eLink to choose from as well as our iconic Chameleon above desk power, USB and data outlet. For meeting rooms and public spaces, A H Meyer from Germany produce some of the most beautifully designed and built service units.

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  • burland-box3-e1439465764106-600x400

    The Burland Box

  • eLink-5-e1439458236704-600x400

    Power Up with eLink

  • 10

    eLink Chameleon ADU

  • DB2000 set


  • NETBOX_Pearl_2022

    Netbox Pearl

  • AC_2sch_rj45_2usb_eing_1670-e1435833928694-600x400

    Netbox Axial

  • DSC_1868-e1435832579123

    Netbox Point

  • Global_2xSch_VGA_DVI_2xRJ45nex_3342-e1434710437177-800x400

    NETBOX Global

  • 1630_300_225 line

    Netbox Line

  • TC_Arbeitsumgebung_2617-e1435834951808-600x400

    Netbox Turn & Comfort

  • NETBOX_Focus_3253-e1434712016711-800x400

    Netbox Focus

  • NETBOX-Move-3-units-e1446120145580-600x400

    Netbox Move

  • cms-img_0_142334e36a3930a9a29ad24aa3176c26_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Turn

  • cms-img_0_59b7e05beacf2e9fc7ddaa8b7ba024ef_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Axial Comfort

  • cms-img_0_6755df663471b5bd2d079a4dfb3e3618_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Wave

  • cms-img_0_f003bd81c183247e4fe1e2a6f36c354f_569x427-569x400

    Netbox PB-C

  • cms-img_0_d8598e5690ee2c8125b12fe09e7762b3_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Fin

  • cms-img_0_f14d2f4936ce1ca0a1cccfea679ef093_569x427-569x400

    Netbox M

  • cms-img_0_df23536d9251d2f61dae5253f4c51c9a_569x427-569x400

    Netbox PB (Profilebox)

  • cms-img_0_84dd33d331f00dcfcf48d9840fbb1045_569x427-569x400

    Netbox MEB

  • cms-img_0_069bfb28b85d2d1494513d99d3f7407e_569x427-569x400-2

    Netbox Combi

  • cms-img_0_14e35458048ce39d3d81fc2c9cef10a2_569x427-569x400

    Netbox Compact

  • pack-PowerRING

    Mini Batt Power Ring – Wireless Charging

  • Kit miniBatt M1_iPhone

    Mini Batt Pack M1 + Powercase

  • miniBatt M1_PowerCase

    Mini Batt Power Case, I Phone compatible

  • fi80_header500x500

    Mini Batt Fi80 – Superfast Wireless Charging

  • fi60_1_500x500

    Mini Batt Fi60 – Wireless Charging