BPS3 Energy Saving Device

The BPS3 is a device containing patented technology that allows the differentiation between permanently “on” power and “switched” power for non-essential devices such as monitors, task lights and other ancillary equipment.

The switched outlets are controlled by a match box sized PIR (passive infrared sensor) designed to be mounted in the knee hole space of a desk. No intervention is required by the user. When a worker is away from their desk for a predetermined time period (5-30 minutes), non essential equipment is turned off. As soon as they return, everything is restored to exactly the same status.

BPS3 is essential for trading desks and office desks where 2 or more monitors are in use. Two versions are available. One with a switched output only, the other with two outputs, switched and non switched.

This simple product provides a simple and cost effective way of saving electricity by cutting power to ancillary equipment such as PC monitors, desk lamps and other accessories. The infrared presence detector, is designed to be mounted under a desk in the knee hole space and sense if a person is present.

BPS2 is available in many configurations or as a “lump in the line” to retrofit to existing installations.

This device is a must for all multi-screen applications. Patented electronics are incorporated to prevent tripping breakers when large numbers of monitors are energised upon activation of PIR or after a power down. Without this, the capacitors in LCD power supplies will mimic a short circuit.

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1 to 30 minutes
UL60950 - 1, IEC60950 - 1. CSA C22.2 NO. 60950 - 1 - 07 and EN60950 - 1
Robust steel with a white light texture finish
Fits to any work surface using end fixing brackets
Save 70% of electricity costs of LCD screens
Reduces heat build up and thus air conditioning costs
Lowers your corporate carbon footprint

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