Netbox Focus

NETBOX Focus is a mounted desktop unit that will allow you to optimize your working environment by adapting to varying group sizes, desk sharing systems and spontaneous meetings. Thanks to the Powerstrips, the unit can easily fixed in different positions without causing damage to the furniture, a testament to its adaptability, high degree of flexibility and a guarantee of optimal workflow.

The standard NETBOX Focus comes, for the power, with a fixed starter or Connector Cable in any length. Communication cables are also fastened in the unit and can feature fiber optics. With customizable lengths and more than 250 modules available, NETBOX Focus is a straightforward and efficient electrification solution that meets most international approvals.

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Methods of fitting:
Power strip fastening
Screw fastening
Aluminium wall fastening
For us in:
Office furniture
Hotel furniture
Home offices
School / University furniture
Practice furniture

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