The NETBOX outlet strip type Global has been exclusively conceived for use in dry rooms. They may be built into furniture and/or screwed on furniture. The requirements to hollow-wall sockets have been met.

The NETBOX can be equipped with an earthing connection in our works to dissipate electrostatic charge. NETBOX type sockets are to be cascaded only by means of connectors. The total cable length of 10 meters shall not be exceeded for a 1.5 mm2 cable cross-section.

For your own safety we recommend that you plug the (last) connector you did not use with a locking device which can be supplied by our company. The outlet strip (or a cascaded line) can be charged with max. AC 16A/3500Watt/250volts.

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For use in:
Training rooms
Bench systems
Methods of fitting:
Power strip fastening
Screw fastening
Aluminium wall fastening
Clamp fastening

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