Netbox Turn & Comfort

NETBOX Turn and Turn Comfort are A. & H. Meyer’s signature build-in units. Both products rotate – manually for the former and at the touch of a button for the latter – in order to either expose or conceal the socket outlets. When rotated to the “closed” position, the unit sits flush with the surface into which it is mounted. This allows for a neat surface top when the unit is not in use.

Both NETBOX Turn and Turn Comfort permit access from any angle, which make them highly flexible solutions. Because the cables run underneath the table, its sleek appearance is further enhanced, especially with a minimum tabletop thickness of 10mm. The NETBOX Turn and Turn Comfort are available in customizable lengths.

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Technical Details:
Built-in box with turning mechanism
The NETBOX Turn Comfort rotates to expose or conceal the outlets at a touch of a button
Cables run underneath the tabletop
ST- or GST-18 connectors
Min. thickness of tabletop 10mm
For use in:
Office furniture
Conference furniture
Hotel furniture
Home offices
Laboratory furniture
Practice furniture

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