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Power Up with eLink

We designed the eLink range to provide a high quality, low cost PDU for the office furniture market. The existing offerings are often of very low quality, short lifespans and in some cases being potentially dangerous. The ABS plastic shell, neat rectilinear form factor and sound construction emphasise the difference between eLink and other similar products established in the market.

We also wanted to provide compliance with BS6396, the recommended best practice for office and school furniture electrics without using the commonly used 20mm “equipment” fuses, which are the bane of every Facility Manager’s life. They blow too easily and it is possible to insert overrated fuses increasing fire risk. eLink utilises individual CBE switch breakers, allowing simple, rapid resetting and also doubles up with the convenience of a switch.

The robustly constructed units are available in 2, 3 and 4 way with a 2 power and 2 high powered USB charging facility. Using the GST style interconnecting leads, any combination up to six outlets is possible within BS6396. We also offer an input module with the choice of hard wired 32A tap off feeds, Nuetrik 32A bayonet fitting or hard wired 13A fused plug supply.

A full range of data and AV outlets are available up to and including CAT7 RJ45s, HDMI, VGA and audio outlets.

eLink is suitable for all office installations, meeting room power/AV installs, all at a low cost and available for immediate delivery from vast stocks. The full range of power cords and link leads are also stocked from 135mm for short links to 6m link leads.

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ABS Plastic
Current Rating:
230V 50Hz
Input Options:
GST compatible, Neutrik 32A, Nuetrik 20A, hard wired 32A tap offs, hard wired PVC mains cables
Individual 5A CBE switch breakers, input modules with RCD, MCB, RCBO (Max 16A)
BS5733, BS1363, BS6396, BS7671, EN60950
USB Charging:
High powered 5V 2.4A
Surface mount countersink screws
Country of Manufacture:

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