Burland Box

The Burland Box

Product Description

Traditionally in raised floor office environments, floor boxes have been used to provide power and data services to individual or shared desks. The Burland Box, utilises the same 32A feed that provides power to floor boxes and brings this through a single grommet, to the Burland Box which allows for localised, above-floor distribution” of power. The Burland Box is really a plug’n’play consumer unit, providing 4,6 or 8 way Wieland outlets each protected by 10A MCBs or RCBOs. The sockets in turn, feed cables that power desk outlets within a cluster of desks. All this cabling is contained in the horizontal cable management, minimising the number of vertical cable risers, often a weak point in many furniture designs. The time and costs involved in re-planning these spaces is drastically reduced over a floor box installation. The labour involved in the initial installation is also drastically reduced. Fewer holes to cut, less carpet to trim, less terminations to make.

Adopting a concept of “localised above floor distribution” the Burland Box takes its 32A power feed from underfloor track or perimeter mounted sockets. Each Wieland GST18/3 power outlet is protected by 10A MCBs or RCBOs. Available in 4,6 and 8 way units.

Product Details


Power input:
In-feeds up to 32A
20mm grommet entry for client termination
Proprietary tap-off versions
Armoured conduit fitted with BS4343 32A or 16A plug
Unique plug-in 32A supply
Power output:
Up to 8 Wieland (ST18 or GST18 3;4 and 5 used for high integrity earth and low-noise earth installations
Up to 8 IEC320 output connectors

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