Bespoke PDU

Bespoke PDU

Product Description

No two projects are the same and every client has unique requirements. We do not suggest to have a “one size fits all” product. Rather, using UK manufacturing we are able to offer custom “configure to order” products on quick lead times.

For rack mount data centre power, criteria that need to be defined are:-

Form Factor: 19” horizontal or vertical mounting.
Outlet type: UK/Schuko or C13/C19 or any combination
Outlet number: How many of each type
Current/ Phase: 13A, 16A, 32A, 63A Single Phase or 3 Phase
Power cord: Plug type and length of cable
Technology: Basic. Simple power bar with protection if appropriate (MCB/Fuse)
Metered. Fitted with easy to read Ammeter
Monitored. Fitted with IP enabled ammeter giving consumption levels via IP at unit or individual outlet level
Managed. Fitted with IP enabled ammeter giving consumption levels via IP at individual outlet level and allowing emote switching of each outlet
Free software is provided to provide a GUI for the latter two technology levels.

Burland have a proud reputation of producing customised PDUs for trading desks and command and control centres also. All the technology levels found in our data centre products have been integrated to these equally mission critical applications.

Please contact an expert from our team who will discuss your needs and come up with a robust, cost effective solution.

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