IEC C13 and C19 Locking Socket

IEC C13 Locking Socket

Product Description

Incredibly secure locking sockets that prevent power cables coming loose in critical environments. Protect against unnecessary downtime by including these in your PDU installation, server cabinets and other applications using the C13 or C19 connection. There is no requirement to adjust the cables as they securely fit any C13 or C19 lead available on the market. For use in data centres, medical applications and industries where reliance on stable power is paramount.
Protected by Worldwide Patents, the Locking IEC C13 and C19 power outlets ensure safe, robust connection for mission critical environments such as data centres, military and medical applications. Burland supply a range of complete PDUs (power distribution units) for these markets and also supply the receptacles as components to PDU manufacturers worldwide.
The resilience of any mission critical facility is dictated by the weakest link in the power chain. IEC Locking sockets from Burland shore up what traditionally has become that weakest link.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: It has come to our attention that fake copies of these two products are available from unscrupulous suppliers in Asia. Note, these do not have 3rd party certification to International Safety Standards, and those that we have examined are potentially dangerous. Genuine IEC Locking sockets will carry the distinct trademark shown by enlarging the photo (3 men pulling on a cable). If in doubt as to the authenticity of products you are offered or are using, please contact this office immediately.

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