Chameleon – Above Desk

eLink™ Chameleon Above Desk Unit (ADU)

Product Description

The beauty of this product is the ability to specify an infinite colour pallet for the removable outer sleeve.

These can be used to reflect interior design schemes, corporate identity or for identifying departments or teams.

A versatile power solution that fits to your surroundings. Whilst available in our standard casing colours we can produce the Chameleon in any Pantone or RAL colours.

When installed the Chameleon sleeve can be changed to match the colour of your enviroment.

Available Colours

Suitable For

General Office, Healthcare, Hospitality & Education

Product Details

Three standard fixings are available:

  • Standard desk
  • Edge clamp
  • Sliding work top
  • Top fixing

Standard Features

  • 2 x UK BS1363 power outlets each protected with 5A CBE combined switch and circuit breaker
  • 2 x high output USB charging ports
  • 2 accessory ports in the legs which allow the insertion of ‘Keystone’ RJ45 Cat6, HDMI, or data USB.
  • Power infeed is 800mm black PVC cable to GST18/3 compatible male plug.

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