AH Meyer NETBOX Combi Duplex – In Desk

AH Meyer NETBOX Combi Duplex

Product Description

The AH Meyer NETBOX Combi Duplex concealed service console accommodates two standard four way M4 modules which are client configurable with any combination of Power/Data and AV outlets. Designed to provide easy user access from either side of a meeting table. The beautifully finished access lid has a unique double hinged mechanism allowing access to both sides. An integrated brush border allows cable access whilst keeping the access lid closed to keep the work surface clear of excess cables. Available as standard in anodised aluminium, black and white. The under desk service module in supplied in black.

Available Colours

Suitable For

General Office, Healthcare, Hospitality & Education

Standard Features

Product Accessories:

3 types of bracket & 2 types of accessories

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