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AH Meyer NETBOX Point

Product Description

Compact and classy – The NETBOX Point has gained the Red Dot Design Award. Whether in office spaces, libraries, hotels, airports or even in your home office, its unobtrusive silhouette and various colour options for the cable outlet will blend well in any interior.

The Netbox Point was the original power unit designed to fit into the industry standard 80mm diameter grommet cut out. This patented design from AH Meyer has powered many office desks since its introduction in 2009.

Available in many national variants in black and white. The Netbox Point is available with square or round die cast escutcheon surround. All units can be fitted with two key stone accessories in addition to the power socket. A powered USB module is available with two accessory ports. Socket available in black or white. Surround colours in chrome, silver, black and white.


Available Colours

Standard Features

  • Fixed connector power cable supply
  • Two exchangeable communication modules
  • Choice of RJ45, HDMI, USB, Mini jack 3.5mm and S-Video

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