Product Description

Burland DB2000 mains multiple units have earned the reputation as the most comprehensive high-quality system of its kind, available on the market today.

The modular nature of the system allows virtually any combination of nationality, number of outlets, socket orientation and protection levels and input options. DB2000 is the PDU equivalent of LEGO™.

The construction utilises an aluminium backbone giving strength, rigidity and a metal anchor for all fixings. Combined with a PVC insulate, second extrusion and polycarbonate frames and end caps create a fully double insulated product. Whilst this eliminates the need to externally earth the chassis, an external earth take-off point is available to ground any adjacent metal parts.

For rapid and secure fixing and easy relocation the polycarbonate, dual purpose mounting foot can be located anywhere along the length of the extruded power bar. In addition, when two feet are dove tailed together they provide a secure mechanical locking device to couple two power units together.

The polycarbonate shutter/locking device closes off live terminals on the power output side, or locks the Wieland plugs firmly into position on the input side. This facility eliminates the all to common danger of insecure connectivity resulting in excessive heat generation and potentially fire. The “Poke-Yoke” assembly ensures that incorrect assembly can never occur.

Socket pitch and orientation are variable at 45-degree increments for UK sockets and 90 degrees for all international variants. Input options include:

  • Wieland GST18/3 and GST18/4
  • Nuetrik 32A Bayonet
  • Hard wired 32A proprietary tap offs (Ackerman, Electrak, CMD etc.)
  • Hardwired with PVC, SY or metal conduit

The exceptionally strong and robust nature of the DB2000 range makes it particularly suitable for trading rooms, retail space and any harsh or tropical environments as all materials are corrosion proof.

DB2000 is manufactured in the UK and assembled under license in India for the Indian market.

DB2000 is designed and tested to BS5733, BS1363, BS1632 and is compatible (where appropriate) with BS6396.

Available Colours

Suitable For

Retail, General Office, Healthcare, Hospitality & Education

Product Details

DB2000 is configured to order in the UK. However extensive stocks of basis 2-4 and 6 way UK sockets are held in stock for our global clients in the retail market.

Complementing DB2000 we stock very large volumes of Wieland cables in 1.5mmsq and 2.5mmsq in both black and white.

Standard colour options are all white, white with red frames, blue frames, green frames to differentiate various power supplies. Black product is available subject to minimum order quantity.


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Contact Us today to speak to one of our experts