Product Description

The 2004A bottom tank has a 1.5mm v2A stainless steel housing and a lockable aluminium lid. Heavy design, passable, with lid seal, suitable for cleaning with wet sweepers. This version is designed for single loads up to 3500 kg, i.e. can be used according to DIN VDE 0634 Part 1. The device unit can contain up to 4 installation devices. The inserts have VDE character. The proper installation is required. Additional assembly variants on request.

Product Details

Assembly 2004A:
4 x
Schuko assembly 2004A1:
3 x Schuko 1x RJ45 double

Dimensions 250 x 253 x 92mm
Installation dimenstions: 250 x 253 x 92mm

Supply line: 4 rear, each dia. 25mm

Standard Features

Assembly: Schuko, RJ45 double
Design: Square
Underground: Screed
Application: Wet sweepers usable
Protection: IP54
Material: Aluminium, stainless steel
Colour: Edelstahloptik
Surface: Andodized
Installation: Underbody
Height: not levelable
Number of slots: 04

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