Product Description

Floor socket 3202E consisting of a foldable connection module made of 1.5mm stainless steel, ground. Folding lid closes even with plugs plugged in. The device carrier is removable for installation. Particularly well suited for hollow floors, trade fair areas, etc. Additional assembly variants on request.

Product Details

Assembly 3202E:
2 x
Schuko assembly 3202E1:
1 x Schuko, 1x RJ45 double
Assembly 3202E2:
1 x Schuko, 1 x antenna

Dimensions 180 x 145 x 82mm
Mounting box: 166 x 146 x 80 mm
Dimensions: 166 x 146 x 80mm
Supply line:2x sideways, 2x rear, 2x bottom, each dia. 25 mm

Standard Features

Assembly: Schuko, RJ45 double, antenna
Design: Rectangular
Underground: Screed, table
Application: Indoor, dry to moist-maintained
Protection: IP20
Material: Stainless steel, steel plate
Colour: Stainless steel, steel plate
Surface: Ground
Installation: Underbody
Height: not levelable
Number of slots: 02

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