Gazelle Raised Floor Boxes

Gazelle Raised Floor Box

Product Description

A high quality floor box system with many unique features and a patented Cam-lock fixing system ensures a fast installation.Electropatent Gazelle range of floor boxes have proved their worth as premium quality robust products, with some installations over 15 years old and still going strong.
With a comprehensive range of accessories and numerous box depths, there is a wide choice of product applications. The floor box comprises one size fits all, hence only one hole size to cut in the floor. One of the best floor boxes on the market.

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Standard Features

The Raised Floor Boxes are supplied as standard for floor depth ranging from 66mm to 175mm deep.
Standard depths are:

  • 66mm deep for extra shallow floors (only three compartments available for use)
  • 75mm deep for shallow floors
  • 90mm deep for standard floors
  • 110mm deep for Cat6/7 data – extra deep back box
  • 123mm deep for extra plug top Clearance
  • 143mm deep for deep back boxes and deep plug top clearance
  • 153mm deep for deep back boxes and EXTRA deep plug top clearance
  • BESPOKE requirements on request

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Contact Us today to speak to one of our experts