Springbok Floor Box Lid FBL-PCL20R281


Product Description

• Made from Powder Coated Steel

• Designed for use with FB-TFB3 / FB-TFB4 / FB-TSB3 / FB-TSB4 Large Boxes

• Lifting handle with cable flap

• 20mm recess, ideal for ceramic tiles, laminate floors.

• Colour equivalent to RAL7031

• Designed specifically for high traffic environments such as schools, colleges and many other uses

• Steel frame and lid designed to withstand loads up to 740kg

Product Details

Model: FBL-PCL20R281

Recessed Area: 282mm x 156mm

Overall Dimensions: 320 x 240mm

Colour: Grey (RAL7031)

Availability: FB-TFB3, FB-TFB4, FB-TSB3, FBTSB4 Boxes

Lid Recess: 20mm

Outer Flange: 15mm

Overall Depth: 40mm

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