Springbok Floor Box FB-TSB2-65

Springbok Floor Box FB-TSB2-65

Product Description

  •  Floor box manufactured from galvanised steel 
  • 25 & 20mm knockouts to accept flexible conduit 
  • Frame & lid moulded from high impact polycarbonate, colour equivalent: RAL7031 
  • Galvanised lid insert for strength 
  • Easy grip recessed lifting handle 
  • Compact design 266 x 212mm floor cut-out 
  • Large range of accessory plates, colour equivalent: RAL7035 
  • Special plates available to order 
  • Clean Earth Sockets available 
  • ABS Plastic Frame & Lid Load Test 550 KG 
  • Steel Frame & Lid Load Test 740 KG 

Note: The 65mm depth floor box has restrictive cabling capacity

Customer NoticeBe advised that when installing FBP-ST0286 & FBP-ST0287 range of accessory plates the Plug Top wiring space is reduced. The 65mm & 75mm Screed boxes are not recommended for RCD sockets due to wiring compartment Depth. For RCD Sockets use the FB-TSB3/80 (RCD compatible) Screed box.

Standard Features

Floor Cut Out: 266mm x 212mm

Depth: 65mm

Plug Top Clearance: 20mm

Overall Frame & Lid: 272mm x 223mm

Frame Lid Recess: 6mm

Accessory Plates: 185mm x 89mm

Download full product detail sheet here

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