IEC locking cables

IEC Locking Cables

Product Description

Help protect your equipment from accidental disconnection. Complement our own locking C19 sockets ensuring connectivity at both PDU end and equipment end of the power chain.
Data centre power chain reliability is dictated by the weakest link in the power chain. For too long, DC integrators would send vast sums on the most robust and backed up systems to ensure “five nines” uptime reliability, yet rely on poor quality unreliable connections between rack PDUs and servers. These unreliable connections made all the other systems worthless when they failed to provide power to mission critical IT hardware.
Burland invented the locking IEC C13 and C19 locking receptacles, Patented in China, USA,UK, Hong Kong and Russia with EU patents pending. This simple device firmly locks the plug into the receptacle and requires the use of a specialist tool, such as a ball point pen to release, thus ensuring there is no chance of accidental or passive removal.
Our receptacles are compatible with ANY C14 plug, so we have “out of the box” compatibility.
In keeping with our goal of ensuring total reliability in the last meter of the power chain, we also supply the same locking mechanism on C13-C14 and C19-C20 cables so that the same reliable, tool release connection is available at the server power input end.
Used worldwide in data centres, the locking C13 PDUs are being used more and more often in trading floors where the mission critical consequences of a connection failure are catastrophic. The form factor also allows relative miniaturisation of the PDU where space is often at a premium.
Burland supply this product in complete power strips with basic, metered, monitored and fully managed PDUs. We also supply the receptacle as components to the world’s major PDU manufacturer, such as Geist, Raritan, Panduit, Servertech, G4 MPS, Stucturesource to name a few. Always insist that your PDUs are fitted with our locking receptacles wherever you procure your PDUs.

Available Colours

Standard Features

  • Keeps your sockets locked
  • Smart design

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