Single Track Extension Modules

Single Track Extension Modules

Product Description

The Electropatent single-phase powertrack system is designed for fast installation and consists of main three components: Mains Connection module (MCM), Extension Module (EM) and Tap-off. The powertrack modules can be fixed directly onto the floor, walls or ceilings using the integral fixing flanges.

The Extension Module includes a flexible connection that allows any floor layout to be accommodated. It can be plugged in at the end of the preceding length of powertrack to extend a circuit, or it can be used to branch off in a different direction to accommodate any shape of room.

The Extension Module EM

  • Hard-wired flexible connection lead accommodates any floor layout
  • Connection lead available in a variety of lengths (standard length 2.3m)
  • Integral fixing brackets
  • Standard lengths 1.27m (4 socket), 1.87m (6 socket) or 2.47m (8 socket)
  • 3-Pin configurations available
  • 300mm socket pitch
  • Different socket colour options available

Available in various configurations, can be supplied as

  • Standard Earth,
  • Dual Earth
  • Clean Earth (Low Noise)

Pin configurations for physical discrimination between track/supplies,

  • Standard,
  • Non-standard D
  • Keyed

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Available Colours

Product Details

Other Features

  • Fully ASTA licensed
  • Fast installation
  • 40 Amp rated powertrack with 6mm² cable leads available
  • Extremely robust, all metalwork made from 1.2mm galvanised steel
  • Complies with the requirements for High Integrity Earthing BS 7671 (Reg 543.7)
  • Suitable for floor voids as low as 60mm
  • Spacer brackets available to raise the powertrack off the slab
  • Range of accessories and bespoke additions

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