Single Track Tap-Offs

Multipoint Powerfloor Tap Offs

Product Description

The Electropatent single-phase powertrack system is designed for fast installation and consists of main three components: Mains Connection module (MCM), Extension Module (EM) and Tap-off.

The tap-offs clip securely to the powertrack and are available in a variety of lengths and cable options. They can be pre-wired to our extensive range of floor boxes, power grommets and desk power.

  • Standard lengths are 3m and 5m (Other lengths available on request)
  • Integral fixing clips
  • Cable in conduit and SY cable available as standard options
  • 32A Neutrik connector pre-wired option available
  • Tri-rated cable used (in conduit) for greater flexibility reducing the likelihood of the conduit splitting
  • 3-Pin configurations available
  • 300mm socket pitch
  • Different socket colour options available

Available in various configurations, can be supplied as

  • Standard Earth,
  • Dual Earth
  • Clean Earth (Low Noise)

Pin configurations for physical discrimination between track/supplies,

  • Standard,
  • Non-standard D
  • Keyed

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Product Details

Other Features

  • Fully ASTA licensed
  • Fast installation
  • 40 Amp rated tap-offs with 6mm² cable available
  • Can be pre-wired to Floor Boxes, Grommets or Desk Power
  • Robust construction
  • Complies with the requirements for High Integrity Earthing BS 7671 (Reg 543.7)
  • Suitable for floor voids as low as 60mm
  • Available with plastic coated conduit and multi-core flexible cable
  • Range of accessories and bespoke additions

Standard Features

The standard tap-offs are available in two standard formats:

  • Tap-offs with galvanised flexible steel conduit – with options for PVC and LFH/LSOH covering
  • Tap-offs with braided cable option CY/SY.

We can offer other cable options with bespoke solutions which are available on request.The standard tap off unit comprises a 32A or 40 Amp unfused plug fitted with flexible metal conduit or braided cable.
Generally standard lengths are ex-stock and supplied as 3m and 5m long tap-offs. However, we can offer from 0.5m to 20m or longer depending on requirement.
The tap-off are offered with keyed earth pins to provide physical discrimination between supplies if required.


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