MiniBatt Fi60

Mini Batt Fi60

Product Description

Burland are proud to exclusively represent Spanish company Mini Batt in the UK and Ireland.

These unique patented wireless charging devices provide unparalleled fast charging and the unique ability to be invisibly mounted.

MiniBatt Fi60  is a dual wireless charger with invisible and visible together – the king of versatility in the world of wireless charging for furniture installation. It can be easily integrated into virtually any piece of furniture and load all kinds of devices with 5V and 9V.

Developed according to Qi version 1.2 standards with a high quality inductive coil A11 of the highest quality and LOW POWER technology for maximum output of 5W .


With a miniBatt PATENTED furniture integration system , Fi60 wirelesschargers can be easily and easily installed under any wood, plastic or glass surface in an INVISIBLE way – you only need to place the supplied adhesive to inform the exact loading area on the furniture surface.

In a visible installation, take advantage of a 60 mm cable gutter, or make a new one. For this type of installation, the product is supplied with an embellishing lid with an elegant design.

MiniBatt Fi60 has been developed using the most advanced technology and the best induction coils to improve the loading distance of up to 6 mm and efficiency in performance by 72%.

Available Colours

Product Details

  • COIL TYPE: Single coil
  • STANDAR Qi: Version 1.2
  • CHARGING METHOD: Induction
  • INPUT CURRENT: 1.5A max.
  • LOAD DISTANCE: 0.6 mm
  • WORK AREA: 324 mm
  • DIMENSIONS: ø 60 x 13 mmMiniBatt Fi60 can be installed without problems in a new furniture manufacturers, or can be installed without problems on any desired wood, plastic or glass surface.
    Simply use an existing 80 mm press hole or make room for the miniBatt Fi80 wireless charging station under the desired furniture surface and protect it with the cover.
    Any installation project would require only basic tools.VISIBLE OR INVISIBLE INSTALLATION
    There are different ways to install the charger, you can use and existing hole, make a new one or integrate into a desired furniture by installing on the surface and make it INVISIBLE !

Standard Features

  • Charger visible or INVISIBLE
  • Integration system in patented furniture
  • Compatible with all Qi devices and Qi receivers
  • Overload protection

Wireless Charger
Wireless Adhesives
Micro USB cable
User manual
Warranty: 2 years

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