Power Designed For Retail

Burland have been working closely with major electrical retail outlets for nearly 20 years. Modern retail environments are constantly evolving in order to prevent the stores becoming stale and to allow for promotional activities and new product launches.

The desire to demonstrate all electrical equipment such as TVs, PCs, IOT enabled washing machines and fridges requires vast numbers of socket outlets in a store. These constant reconfigurations prevent any lesser products being used as they will just not stand up to the abuse.

Our systems allow for rapid and simple reconfiguration. The DB2000 with its double aluminium and PVC double insulated construction is still in use in stores where it was installed in 1997! Our Patented nuisance tripping eliminator also allows stores to shut down displays using master switches without the fear of the universal switch mode power supplies causing main breakers to trip during morning power up. The energy saving consequences are huge.

End Q1 Newsletter 2017

End Q1 Newsletter 2017 Life has been charging along at a pace this year! Whilst the phones are strangely quiet, rather like the duck legs underwater, there is huge activity going on behind the scenes. Sales are up 20% year on year, exports are up 25% and the future is looking bright! I visited [too
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New from Burland!

New from Burland! At last we have our own UK manufactured Above Desk Unit (ADU) to complement our hugely successful eLinkTM range of under desk power, data and USB charging power modules. The unit is made from a moulded construction, keeping the costs down and comes with 2 BS1363 socket outlets protected by individual CBE
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