Viral Protection Screens

15th September, 2020

September has been another busy month installing bespoke Acrylic Panels in and around London. As more and more people are coming back to work, it is time to get facilities such as dining facilities, coffee bars and the like up and running to provide facilities for returning staff. As a result, we have been installing fewer reception desks and far more coffee counters, food serveries and the like. For hot food counters, we have been using toughened glass as these areas may be subject to extreme temperatures from heat lamps and hotplates as well as the fact that the cleaning regime is likely to be more extreme.

On the subject of glass verses Acrylic, it is worth remembering that an Acrylic panel will flex, particularly if the panel is large. Where this is not desirable, toughened glass should always be considered. The cost is inevitably greater, but if it is likely that the installation is to become permanent then glass should be a serious contender.

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