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A major City Institution, with some 2500 HQ staff, required their new trading and back office workstations to provide secure connectivity and control of what was plugged into the supplies, all within a minimal footprint. The mission critical nature of the work carried out by staff made the possibility of a failed electrical connection and consequent loss of data an unacceptable risk. This risk was increased by the extensive use of electrically adjusted sit-stand work stations. Another cause of localised power outages had been caused by staff plugging in inappropriate equipment into the power circuits.


Burland stepped up to the plate with a unique design utilising our locking C13 power outlet. This very small international power outlet allowed 12 outlets, 6 on each of two separate power supplies to be incorporated into a tiny footprint, necessitated by the limited space in the cable management areas. The locking socket (protected by worldwide Patents) ensures total reliability of connection even on sit-stand, height adjustable workstations. Its unique design also means that it can only be used for powering IT equipment.


Staff bringing in unofficial or personal electrical appliances can only plug into the dedicated two normal sockets provided on top of the desk for personal use.

The same power system is utilised on both trading and back office work stations providing the flexibility to quickly alter between trading and back office functions.


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