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Our client, with whom we have been working since 1997 has on several occasions over the years, embarked upon new store design and fit out projects. The success of this process is reflected in outstanding growth for the group and their dominant position in UK and Scandinavian markets.

Our client required “plug and play”, extremely robust, power distribution products to enable every electrical item in the store to be powered up. These products needed to be reconfigurable by store managers and merchandising teams to accommodate rapidly changing requirements resulting from in store promotions, new product launches and seasonal store re-plans.

On top of this, our client needed to work with a supplier who could work alongside the professional team of designers, quantity surveyors, project managers, contractors and merchandising teams, all of who work at a frenetic pace ensuring minimum down time when a store is not open to the public.


Burland ticked all the boxes by providing a range of DB2000 power units in standard formats of 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 way bars together with a 20A interlink cabling system in lengths from 1m to 10m. The unique locking devices on the product give a reassuring positive lock on to the cables ensuring long term reliability at the same time as easy reconfiguration. Our commitment to client stock, holding over £100,000 of dedicated stock allows us to deliver whole stores’ worth of power on a next day service, not to mention the frequent demands for small orders to be delivered to every store in the country and overseas.

Our 100% on-time delivery record speaks for itself and our dedication to this important client. Thankfully, news of our ability to perform has permeated throughout the retail fit out and shop fitting industry leading to this sector becoming one of our fastest growing and most active.


We have become victims of our own success. Whilst the stores have continued to grow and expand our supply to this client for the DB2000 have slowed. The robust and durable nature of the DB2000 electrical power distribution system has enabled our client to reuse the DB2000 modules over and over again, which is one of our top product benefits. This reinforces our commitment to the principles of the circular economy. We see this as a great success.

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